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XTranda is an Analytics and Digital Transformation company that brings analytical intelligence and excellence to business as a whole, across all industries to manage their resources optimally.

At XTranda we understand business. We embrace human diversity and uniqueness within an innovative and dynamic workplace environment. As a company we co-exist for the benefit of the greater human society and healthy communities. In doing business, we add the vitality of life to the experience of responsible analytical and business practices.

It is our passion to serve our clients in meeting their business needs through Advanced Analytics, Operational Research, Business Intelligence, Quality Products and Training.

At XTranda we believe in teamwork and combine human and social factors with our highly skilled expertise of Operational Research and science to meet the challenges of the Analytics process. It’s important for us to help our Analytical team members to grow  personally as well as professionally. We aim to also pass on these learnings to our clients through our daily relationships and interaction with them. The basketball player Michael Jordan once said “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

The XTranda team are well-skilled and experienced to serve our clients enabling them to make sound business decisions. With experienced supervision and quality control built into our team dynamics, we ensure high return on investment for our clients.  Over the past ten years we have served many clients across South Africa as well as a number of international clients with expert and professional services and solutions.

XTranda will continue to use its knowledge, experience and ability in the field of analytics. We strive to contribute towards the future by optimising the process to supply businesses and the industry with quality and skilled analysts. Through partnerships with others, we equip and mentor young and upcoming analysts to grow personally as well as professionally to serve the analytical industry as a whole. We are excited about the future of analytics and therefore the training, equipping and preparation of quality and skilled analysts for the growing demand in business.

XTranda drives results but also maximises people in the process!

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  • Service

    Meeting needs through skillful delivery.

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    Surpassing standards through quality work.

  • Governance

    Continuous improvement through rules and standards.

  • Professional

    Effectiveness through conduct and expertise.

  • Teamwork

    Proficiency through alignment of uniqueness and talent.

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