Advanced Analytics

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XTranda help our clients in transforming their businesses through data driven insights and actions, enabling our clients to harness the incredible power of AI and BI.
As a Data and Analytics company, XTranda typically engage with our clients during any of the following data and/or analytical phases:


Data Capturing

Accurate data capturing is vital before a company can move on to analysing their data properly. We support customers in setting up databases as effective as possible to ensure proper data analysis in future. We are experts in data validation and can easily spot inconsistencies in data. Data capturing is key to any analytical dream.

Predictive Analytics

Typically after the data exploration and descriptive analytics phases, the company would move onto predictive analytics. Predictive analytics answers questions about the future based on historical data.  We are experts in predictive modelling and uses Mathematical modelling, Neural networks, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Trees, and Forecasting algorithms when doing predictive modelling.

Data Governance and Management

Data governance is a set of processes put into place to ensure important data assets are formally managed throughout the enterprise. Data governance ensures that data can be trusted and people are held accountable for any adverse event due to low data quality. We help companies to establish good governance by doing a full data audit on the data marts or databases, or data validations on extractions of data.

Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive analytics typically cover analytics based on models with fixed parameters. Business decision makers may then use the levers to do what-if analysis to solve real life problems. These models are built to mimic real problems that are multi-dimensional and include some of the most difficult ones. We are experts in the design and running of these models in workshops, and manage these as part of the Analytics-as-a-Service project.

Descriptive Analytics and Data Mining

The descriptive analytical phase answers any question about events that occurred in the past. This addresses the monitoring analytics that some companies refer to. Data mining is used to do data exploration to determine levers that are catalysers of certain events. We perform the data mining for clients especially when it comes to Analytics-as-a-Service project. We help companies with descriptive analytics by supplying Business Intelligent solutions to a variety of industries and by doing basic and advanced scorecard tracking.


Prescriptive models are typically used as input into optimisation models where the parameterised values are changed automatically to ensure the best scenario is selected using a specified objective function. We are specialists in the field of optimisation with more than 15 years of experience in writing exact and heuristic based optimisation algorithms.